Monday, 9 July 2012

Dealing with Inferiority - Part II

Dearest Saints. 

          As we continue from Part 1 of our series dealing with inferiority, I would like to identify some of the symptoms that occur as a result of someone dealing with an inferiority complex.  As we noticed in the first session, we see how these symptoms literally hinders the power of God to work effectively through those who are ensnared by believing they are inferior, which again is nothing but a trap and deception of the enemy who wants to hinder the work of God in our lives.  This spirit of inferiority is two-fold, not only does it hinder the work of God in many lives of Christians, but also is destructive and works against to promote unity, peace, edification and encouragement to anyone.  It promotes strife that causes a snowball effect to bring another christian Brother or Sister to feel inferior and having to deal with the same issues that poisons other Saints.   
          When I reflect at my past, I have come to realize how it manifests its ugly head, seeing how the enemy is able to use Christians that comes directly against Gods will.  This is that bitter root that is able to cause many others to become defiled (Heb 12:15).  God tells us when we are not with Him and live under His principles of love, we in fact come directly against Him (Matt 12:30).  People who feel inferior have several issues they are dealing with.  Some may be more pronounced than others.  Here are several results that I personally know of what happens when someone allows themselves to feel inferior and how it has a profound negative effect on others and the body of Christ:
          a.  They feed on themselves with self-pity and fail to see how God values each of us which inhibits His power to work through us in order that we may otherwise benefit others;

          b.  People strive against each other, become argumentative by constantly fighting against feeling inferior by trying to prove themselves otherwise;

          c.  People who feel inferior talk down to others, become gossipers that do nothing but tear down one another in order to make themselves look better;

          d.  They are quick to point the faults of others and fight hard within themselves to prove they are right, which invites another destructive spirit called "pride";

          e.  A person may wait and watch to see any errors others make in order to bring accusations.  Notice often how the Pharisees and Saducees acted this way;

          f.  Feelings of uneasiness, easily threatened and being offended when confronted when it is necessary to be lovingly confronted; and

          g.  Does not rejoice in the success of others, but would feel some form of satisfaction when they see other people make attempts and fail.

          How do we suppose any of these attributes can be God honoring?  Many of the characters in the Bible developed symptoms from feeling inferior all because it started with the hardness of their hearts and their wrong attitudes which promoted selfish motives.  The Pharisees and Saducees were these group of people.  They often felt inferior after they felt threatened by Christ.  For one thing, Jesus never threatened anyone, but the fact that the leaders of the law and the High Priests felt threatened was because their ego was challenged.  They wanted to be in control and were self-seeking which caused them to feel threatened when Christ lovingly confronted them.  When God confronts anyone, it is because there is a need for their own benefit.  When they came and accused Jesus of healing someone on the sabbath, they saw themselves being justified by attempting to kill Him just because He healed a man on a certain day.  They often lied in wait and watched to see if they could trap Jesus.  Just like one of the illustrations I had mentioned.  You will notice this is one of many destructive symptoms that does occur within many churches in this world simply because people do not deal with feeling inferior.  This is how the enemy can keep so many people blind to their evil ways when they fail to humble themselves, fail to see the error of their ways or choose not to live Gods way to love, to build and encourage one another.

         When you consider these factors and how envious people may become when they deal with feeling inferior, this is why I believe we are dealing with unclean spirits because of its destructive results it has on oneself, towards others and how the entire body of Christ becomes ineffective and unstable.  As you notice the results, this is a way for the enemy to bring division, because he knows that no kingdom can stand when it is divided (Matt 12:25) which is what gives satan more power over the body of Christ.  We give the enemy more power when we fail to believe what God says, when we choose not to follow the loving wisdom of His counsel and follow our own selfish agendas which is often being lead by our fickle feelings and emotions.  People who deal with an inferior or insecure spirit, like to point out the faults and errors of others. At the same time, they fail to see how the enemy is using them to do his dirty work.  They point out the speck in other peoples eyes, but fail to see the log in their own eye (Matt 7:3-5).  Just think of how many specks of dust make up a log!  This is that log that makes up many millions if not, billions of specks of dust.  The Lord does not say that we may have a log in our eye, but tells us that we do in fact have one when we are quick to simply point the faults of others when we don't have the intention of correcting others out of love and concern for them.  When you compare one speck to billions of specks, this would indicate that dealing with an inferior spirit is a serious matter which many Christians often don't realize the severity of this and their need to deal with it.  

          Consider this thought, when we don't deal with the issue of inferiority, this can lead to other destructive spirits that include a spirit of bitterness; jealousy and envy, which often causes many to have ill health not only spiritually, but physically and emotionally that has often destroyed many lives.  When our emotions are not stable, we are being controlled and lead by our emotions which is contrary to being lead of the Spirit.  In these series, it is always my desire to not only point out the problems that are apparent in our church, but to expose them and to help people deal with them so we can live the abundant life which Jesus wants so much for each and everyone of us to have (John 10:10).  We can never expect to live the abundant life of joy, peace and gladness of heart that Jesus came to give us when we remain ignorant of these destructive symptoms, fail to humble ourselves to see our need to deal with these or any other similar issues and fail to take the necessary steps to be delivered.  Christ came to set the captives free (Ps 146:7), but we will never be set free when we fail to seek Him who encourages us to take the necessary steps we often need to take.  He is always faithful, but He gives us the responsibility to act and respond to follow His ways.            

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In the Matchless Name of Jesus
Associate Director

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